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Marketplace in Mantychore FP7

In previous posts (links: description, requeriments, security, related projects), we commented that Mantychore FP7 has two main objectives: Mantychore FP7 as a module within OpenNaaS [a]. It will provide a set of services and tools to manage cloud services around the … Continue reading

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DANA team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Once again the current year is getting closer to its ending. Winter has arrived to Barcelona and the hard work of the area remains the same – as usual -. But yesterday, like each year during this season, we had … Continue reading

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Improving network utilization in cloud computing environments

Cloud computing  relies on the network as an elementary service. An increasing number of distributed computing applications pose highly-demanding requirements for dynamicity and flexibility in network and computing resource control (e.g. automated scaling up/down). However, network services are still treated … Continue reading

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OpenNaaS will use NDL to describe networks

Time has come for OpenNaaS to interact with networks. Users are willing to configure links and network protocols (e.g: RIP, OSPF) using a network approach, so network support should be added to OpenNaaS. Within this context, a question has raised … Continue reading

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