OpenLab Federation Workshop

On February 1st to 3rd an OpenLab workshop was held in Paris. The workshop though, was open and people from other projects were invited. The main topic of the meeting was “Federation Architecture and Tools”. As reader may already know, i2CAT is collaborating in three federation projects: OFELIA; FIBRE and NOVI. Thus, we were invited to take part of this workshop. We went to the meeting willing listen to the different approaches about Federation Architectures and to share the experiences gained during our projects.

The workshop was prepared in a way everybody could participate: short presentations for longer discussions after them. These presentations were grouped by three topics: Central services for federation; RSpecs, Reservation and Policies and Monitoring tools and other topics. Is there any data that needs to be centralized when federating different platforms? Which problems are we finding when adapting different platforms to the same API? Could be the adaptation to SFA done in different languages? Could be all the information needed to define the resources of platforms of really different nature specified in the same model? And the monitoring data could be included too? Which is the user experience in these cases? Could we facilitate it? These, and lots of more questions were listen during the different sessions.

On the i2CAT side, we presented the work that it’s being developed in the NOVI project. How in this project we decided to use SFA for federation, the services and methods that are being developed on top of it in order to provide a more intelligent control plane that it’s able to understand the RSpec and take decisions following the user requirements. Finally, the adaptation of FEDERICA to SFA was explained too, as this could be information useful for people participating in the workshop, as it seems that SFA is one of the most common APIs used for federation. In addition, it was a good opportunity for meeting people doing similar work to us, and share experiences and knowledge.

More information of this workshop can be found in the OpenLab webpage.

Chateau where the workshop took place

As final and funnier note, the meeting had place in a nice chateau near Paris. There we could not only discuss about federation, but also enjoy nice views and low temperatures that this last cold wave brought to Europe, and the French cuisine, of course!


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