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User-oriented Innovation

Sometimes enterprises tend to become standstill with too much defined ideas and processes. The fact of having strong group cohesion with a common thinking could difficult the process of acquiring new ideas or methodologies. Thus, sometimes is necessary to break … Continue reading

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The SaaS expansion

Traditionally, companies that have a need for certain kind of software application went to software vendors in order to purchase an application that had to be installed and configured by employees. Some company’s may have budgets constraints that don’t allow … Continue reading

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A new challenge for SMEs : RAISME project

New and small companies make-up the lifeblood of economies, particularly in times of recession and crisis. How then can we empower SMEs, often with very specialized skills, to collaborate quickly and effectively with other similar organizations to build software tools … Continue reading

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The end of the FEDERICA project

Three years ago, started with FEDERICA a new challenge in the “Research Infrastructures” area under the EC’s 7th Framework Program: Creating a European wide ‘technology agnostic’ infrastructure in order to allow the research community to perform disruptive experiments on new … Continue reading

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