Barcelona Cultural Laboratory

Last June Barcelona City Council approved a govern measure to assure a cultural innovation program by developing an open laboratory around the city. It is the first time that a City opens their digital and physical infrastructures to make innovation projects involving research and academic communities, private industry, administration and the citizens.

The main strategic goals are

  • Embrace innovation as an essential process for generating entrepreneurship in key areas related to creativity and innovation.
  • Bring the values of innovation and creativity to all citizens through experiences that include all parts of the city.
  • Place the knowledge and science as a priority which is pivoted on the international city

The following figure shows the open innovation model:

The govern measure initially has being structured in 3 application areas:

  1. Art and Technology. Strengthen and consolidate the promotion of the use of ICT technologies in Arts and culture. Creation of new artistic and cultural formats and languages. Encouraging the emerging creative industries internationally.
  2. Citizens Science. Hybridization between the worlds of the “art and science and its openness to society. It seeks a renewal of the scientific community and its opening to the world of creativity and innovation by encouraging citizen participation in scientific endeavor.
  3. Technology demands to be recognized as a culture in itself, as a new language and culture expression. Increasingly, the world of culture converges with new technologies, starting with ICT and its culture of innovation.

The main objective of Barcelona Innovation Program is the design, development and implementation of new business models in the field of entrepreneurship and digital culture. The strategics goals are:

  • The introduction of “new elements that enhance the penetration factor increasing the scope of projects.
  • The introduction of new financing techniques (crowdfounding, public-private hybrid techniques …)
  • The detection of synergy between sectors traditionally more oriented to business (such as the “professional broadcasting, television, the” mass entertainment, … )
  • How to exploit their content through digitization.
  • Search for new models of sponsorship.
  • Design of new business models, suitable for digital entrepreneurs and cultural.
  • User testing. Testing, experimentation and creative inputs generation will be performed by organized groups of proficient active end users.

These groups will be active to test and explore multi sector solutions and to add knowledge to existing technologies from the end user point of view and experiences in day to day situations.

The Barcelona Cultural Laboratory space and should be used as an open platform for the creation and development of new collaborative projects between companies, the academic, government and citizens. In this sense, work with the Municipal Institute of Informatics (IMI) City Council, the Generalitat of Catalonia, among other public and private entities, to the internationalization of the activities of Barcelona Cultural Laboratory.

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