Barcelona The Lab, a Hackethon Ideas in Digital Culture

The Department of Culture, Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation of the City Council of Barcelona leaded by Inés Garriga had organized the open hackethon to meet up the most active communities in culture creativity and innovation. Thus, they can show what are they doing in the field of digital culture, promoting new industrial and experimental innovation projects and services.

Barcelona City Council has organized an ideas hackethon to analyze the culture innovation constrains and problems. The received feedback will be used to establish the roadmap for Barcelona Laboratory, an open laboratory to bring to the citizens and research entities the tools required to enforce the innovation initiatives. Any citizen, workshop, school, community centre, theatre, museum, research centre, company or university can be part of this urban co-creation network.

Past November 30 and December 1, the event “Barcelona The Lab” brought together more than 150 experts in the field of digital culture of the city. The ideas hackethon was being opened by Jerry MacArthur Hultin (President of the Polytechnic Institute of New York University,, Jarmo Eskelinen (CEO from Forum Virium Helsinki,, & President of the European Living Labs Networks) and Carmen Mac Williams (Director of Grassroots Arts and Research,

The sessions was conducted using dynamics of groups techniques to generate synergies between the assistants and to force an outcome of a minimum of 36 RDi projects related to open innovation in digital culture developed in Barcelona city. The organization aims for opening the experimental projects, infrastructures and resources to provide an open environment for urban co-creation.

Besides, using the outcomes from the hackethon ideas, the Appcircus platform ( will develop an App Challenge next February. The details will be published next week. Nowadays AppCircus is conducting an App Challenge to solve sanitation problems bringing together technology experts and sanitation professionals.

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Last, the Institute of Culture of Barcelona City Council (ICUB) has opened a businesses accelerator to empower culture innovation private initiatives. In Barcelona we can find many public businesses accelerators for private industry enterprises, but this is the first one focused in Creative Communities.

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