BonFIRE is moving to horizontal integration.

If you recall, BonFIRE offers a multi-site cloud testbed which supports large scale testing of apllications, services  and systems over multi geographically distributed cloud testbeds.

Main i2CAT responsabilities are related with interconnection with external facilities. So far, this activities were focused on interconnection with facilities which provide what is called vertical integration. Vertical integration means interconnecting with facilities that provides additional functionalities not previously supported by the system. On the other hand, horizontal integration means interconnecting with facilities that provide the same kind of  functionalities.

Vertical integration has been already covered by the interconnection with FEDERICA and AutoBAHN . At this point, the focus is work on horizontal interconnection with the aim to provide long term resource scalability to BonFIRE.

We are currently evaluation the best strategy for horizontal federation. For that, we are taking three directions. In the first one, we are preparing an analysis and comparison of commercial cloud providers. We have selected for that Rackspace , Google Compute Engine, ElasticHosts and CloudSigma as we believe are good representatives of the current commercial cloud offering.

The second path, is to study open cloud solutions which serve to avoid vendor lock-in. We have identified three candidates for that, DeltaCloud , OpenStack and JClouds . OpenStack is an open source project for building public and private clouds which aims to drive industry standards while DeltaCloud and JClouds are cloud abstraction APIs which allow to interact with several cloud providers. DeltaCloud is implemented as a server accepting REST calls while JClouds as Java-based library.

And finally, the third path is to explore collaborations with already running projects which are inline with the context of BonFIRE. On that regards, we found Helix Nebula  and FITeagle .  Helix Nebula is known as the Science cloud and follows the cloud computing European strategy plan and feeds from the most powerful European resarch organizations requirements such as CERN, EMBL and ESA. On the other hand, FITeagle is an extensible framework to seamlessly interconnect and control experiments with arbitrary resources in a wide range of available testbeds. Therefore, FITeagle  could be used to provide cloud-based resources within OpenLab to the BonFIRE facility and on the other hand resources from the BonFIRE facility could be offered within the OpenLab SFA federation.

An interal meeting will be celebrated soon and final decisions will be taken on how to address horizontal integration through some of the described above alternatives. Keep on reading us to discover the progress on BonFIRE.

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