BonFIRE open for free access

This week took place the BonFIRE General Assembly in Berlin. First we commented about the review results: BonFIRE review was last February, it was successfully demonstrated that BonFIRE keeps going in the good direction. Several demos were done during the review: BonFIRE usability, the new Command Line Interface, Amazon interconnection, Open Access for new users (we’ll talk more about that later), Elasticity as a Service, COCOMA, bandwidth on demand using Autobahn within BonFIRE, and FEDERICA federations. All of them were successfully done. i2CAT, leader of “WP2.5 Interconnection” was directly responsible of the FEDERICA federation through SFA.

However, the project doesn’t end yet and work has to keep going, as we don’t want to leave it at this point. One of the project objectives is getting sustainable and attracting new users. Why should experimenters become BonFIRE users? If you recall, BonFIRE offers a multi-site cloud testbed which supports large scale testing of applications, services and systems over multi geographically distributed cloud testbeds. But it’s not just another cloud provider, there are four main reasons, the four pillars of BonFIRE:

  • Observability (infrastructure, compute and other monitoring metrics)
  • Control of the experiment and reproducibility
  • Advanced features (controlled networks, elasticity…)
  • Ease of use, different entry points, documentation, IRC support…

Convinced, right? Then, you just have to apply for an experiment in BonFIRE through its portal, attaching a PDF that explains the experiment that you want to do. More information, like the constraints for open access users, and links to the templates can be found here in the Applying for Open Access section. You can see also in this page the results of the two open calls!

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