DANA team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Once again the current year is getting closer to its ending. Winter has arrived to Barcelona and the hard work of the area remains the same – as usual -. But yesterday, like each year during this season, we had a small break to have our Christmas dinner and forget, at least for an instant, all the open issues in the working battlefield.

Dana Team

2011 has been quite a hard year for us, although very successful and satisfactory. As you may have already noticed, we have expanded our knowledge, from networks to software and distributed applications; as a direct consequence, we have changed our face towards the external world. Our name is now Distributed Applications and Networks Area (DANA).

We have adapted to the new times being… apart from the blog we started around one year ago, we have now a twitter account, where you can follow our late news; we have a periodic newsletter where you can subscribe and receive updates on our activities; and furthermore…

  • We are currently involved in several European FP7 projects (GEYSERS, GÉANT3, MANTYCHORE, BONFIRE, OFELIA, NOVI, RAISME, and FIBRE), holding different roles such as project coordinators, technical leaders, work package leaders or activity leaders, what positions ourselves as one of the most outstanding research and innovation groups around Europe. We are also involved in several national initiatives.
  • We have released an open experimental facility that provides an open infrastructure to test and validate research, experimental and pre-production equipment and services aligned with the Future Internet technologies.
  • We have increased our track of international collaboration activities with research centres, companies and universities from around the world (such as Communications Research Centre – Canada, TSSG-WIT – Ireland, Boston University – USA, Juniper Networks – USA and Europe, ETRI – South Korea, Lyatiss – France, Labdoo – USA, or TRIA Network Systems – USA)
  • We have participated in several standardisation bodies (TMF, OGF-NSI, or OGF-ISOD) in order to enable the developments we perform directly impact on industry.
  • We have deployed several Future Internet test-beds under the EU FIRE inititative.
  • We have been involved as a core partner in the recursive inter-network architecture design and implementation, opening the door to a clean-slate designed Future Internet.
  • We have developed network-aware applications with JunOS Space, within the collaboration framework we have with Juniper
  • We have formalised and improved relationships with the other i2CAT’s areas
  • We have consolidated the PhD internal programme, as well as started several Masther Thesis in conjunction with the EMSE programme.
  • We have been present in some of the most important European and worldwide networking and distributed applications events.

We will be back after the Christmas break. 2012 will be a difficult year, the global situation will not ease the progress. However, in our minds there is no aim at stopping the hard work. We will keep on our efforts in order to consolidate new ideas, new trends; in order to get new projects,  to achieve all the current challenges; to strengthen our collaboration with the local universities and their research groups, and pushing networking and distributed applications research and innovation one step forward!
The whole DANA team (directed by Sergi Figuerola and composed of Josep M. Silvestre, Eduard Grasa, Joan A. García Espín, Pau Minoves, Carles Bock, Victor Jiménez, Celia Velayos, Jordi Jofre, Josep Pons, Leo Bergesio, Marc Suñé, Isart Canyameres, Eleni Trouva, Carlos Bermudo, Carlos Báez, Steluta Gheorghiu, Adrián Roselló, myself – Jordi Ferrer Riera -, and those who started the year with us but left the area in order to perform other personal projects, Alejandro Chuang, Evelyn Torras,  and Ester López) wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May 2012 bring you plenty of new research challenges to be faced, projects to participate in, events where to disseminate your activities, fortune, prosperity and Future Internet!

Keep connected to us through the blog, the newsletter, or even following us on twitter!

About Jordi Ferrer Riera

Graduated in Computer Science in June 2009 at Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB), centre belonging to the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). He achieved the Telematic Networks and Operating Systems profile. He joins the Network Technologies Cluster of the i2CAT foundation as a software engineer in early 2007 for developing the MANTICORE (Making APN Network Topologies in the Internet COREs) project (2007-2008). In 2008 he starts his collaboration in the FP6 EU funded integrated project PHOSPHORUS (Lambda User Controlled Infrastructure for European Research) IST-034115. In 2009 he also starts working in the MANTICORE II project, an enhanced version of the first proof-of-concept prototype. He also collaborates with the GLIF Generic Network Interface Technical Group (GNI-TG), adapting the Harmony Service Interface (HSI) to the GNI specification. In 2010, he starts collaborating actively in the FP7 EU funded GEYSERS (Generalised Architecture for Dynamic Infrastrucutre Services). He is currently a Ph. D. candidate of the Design and Evaluation of Broadband Networks and Services group within the Telematics Engineering Department of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). His research topics are focused on optical network virtualization, infrastructure as a service paradigm, on-demand broadband services, Grid and Cloud computing, dynamic hybrid resource allocation systems, and resource modelling.
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