FP7 ICT Call 8 is over!

Finally! After months of intense preparation, countless meetings, conference calls, trips, and making extensive use of MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint, call 8 has come to an end. For the DANA members it has been an interesting experience; hard but very rewarding at the same time, since at the end we were all happy with the submitted proposals we were involved in.

Of course, the last night before the submission we decided it was just the right time to spend some extra hours at the office enjoying tasty pizza slices! It doesn’t matter that you plan perfectly the proposal preparation phase, or that you start working several months before: you always spend the last night before delivery trying to tick all the items in the never-ending TODO list in order to produce a decent proposal. I’m sure there must be a magical formula, we just have not found it yet 🙂

Anyway, below you can find some pictures of the team having fun that last night before the deadline. Good luck to everyone, specially to our partners!



Just to have a bit of fun, here’s a list of epic moments that I’m sure you have experienced if you have been involved in proposal preparations:

  • The high-fidelity, never-ending conference call: Conference calls that last for hours, enlivened with interferences from mobile phones and background conversations; all that delivered to you with superior audio quality. For some reason, effective conference calls are still an open research area, maybe an opportunity for a good proposal?
  • The human SVN: In the era of software automation and distributed repositories, we claim the figure of the “human SVN”: the lucky individual who’s been assigned the privilege of integrating all the contributions from the different partners in the consortium. If you like adrenaline, don’t lose the opportunity to pick this role!
  • The budget problem (NP hard!): This one is only reserved for the coordinator of the proposal usually: how to assign the budget so that all the partners think it is appropriate to accomplish the proposal objectives. There is no game theory that will avoid the coordinator lively discussions!
  • EPSS paranoia: You’ve been the chosen one, the individual that will complete the work of many people for several months, the one responsible for their hopes of funding for the next 2-3 years. So you login to EPSS, upload partB, hit the submit button.. proposal submitted! It is over finally. Then you download partB, review it, everythink is perfect! But wait, review it again.. everything is ok, I’ll just review it another time, … and so on 🙂
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