GÉANT OpenFlow facility goes to ONS 2013

If you recall, the GÉANT OpenFlow Facility has been designed and piloted to demonstrate the potential of OpenFlow in delivering TaaS capabilities over GÉANT. The facility is deployed on top of the GÉANT backbone production environment. and is a large-scale research network built on top of OpenFlow, OpenvSwitch, FlowVisor, and a full mesh physical network. If you remember from previous posts, the orchestration software deployed on top of the GÉANT OpenFlow Facility to implement the testbed management functionality is the OFELIA Control Framework (OCF), which has been adapted to fulfill the GÉANT OpenFlow Facility requirements. You can find more information regarding OCF here.

Recently, we have been accepted for an academic demo at Open Networking Summit 2013 (ONS 2013) .  The ONS was created by the founders of SDN and is a non-profit summit which shares and explores the key developments and deployments in OpenFlow/SDN activities. This academic exhibition is a great success an acknowledgment for i2CAT and for GÉANT work since ONS is one of the most important and relevant events regarding OpenFlow and SDN.

Our participation at ONS 2013 will consist on an academic booth where we will show two kind of live-demos. Only demo will be dedicated to show the OFELIA Control Framework software , which is the control software that manages the GÉANT OpenFlow facility and mainly developed by i2CAT. The second demo will be dedicated to show the research results of the current experimenter we have in the facility. This experiment was the winner of the GÉANT OpenFlow contest  some weeks before, and was granted to MTA-BME Future Internet Research Group in Budapest, which are performing research in the topic of resiliency and throughput of transport networks using OpenFlow and Multipath TCP.

If you happen to be at ONS 2013, in Santa Clara during April 15th-17th,   do not forget to visit GÉANT demo booth.

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