GÉANT3+ f2f meeting at i2CAT Offices

Last June the DANA-i2CAT team held a face to face meeting at their offices at Barcelona for the GÉANT3+ project thanks to its collaboration with RedIris, who enabled us to participate in such a great project. The meeting involved several activities with partners coming from different European institutions (PSCN-Poland, Germany-RRZE, SWITCH-Switzerland, SURFNET-Netherlands, DANTE-UK, GRNET-Greece, AMRES-Serbia and the EHU-Basque Country) and was streamed via Video Conference to many others.

From left to right and up to down; Kurt Baumann (SWITCH), Dusan Pajin (AMRES), Peter Szegedi (TERENA), Susanne Naegele-Jackson (FAU), Jakub Gutkowski, Blazej Pietrzak, Robert Suzman (PSCN), Leonardo Bergesio, Carlos Bermudo, Oscar Moya(i2CAT), Milos Przywecki (PSNC), Bülent Arslan (FAU), Jose Ignacio Aznar (i2CAT), Christos Argyropoulos (GRNET), Albert Vico-Oton (i2CAT) and Alatiz Mendiola (EHU).

The meeting took place at our Barcelona’s headquarters and had a duration of three days. During the first day the first JRA2T1 (join research activity 2 task 1) face to face meeting gave the chance to partners involved in the task to get to know each other and trigger the work to be carried out in the next months of the task. The last two days, i2CAT gave a training session within the scope of the SA2 (service activity 2) activity.

The main objectives of the first day were to detail the different goals within the JRA2T1 (join research activity 2 task 1) and to define the future strategy of GÉANT in relation to SDN (Software Defined Networking) and OpenFlow. We discussed several hot topics in that field, such as standardization, Openflow protocol versions and controllers, how to extend Flowvisor, security on SDN solutions and multi-domain SDN.

Regarding the SA2 slots, we carried on training sessions for the members of the SA2 of the project, which was focused mainly on a crash course on Openflow protocol for half a day imparted by the University of Indiana via video call, and one day and half course about the OFELIA control framework (OCF). This consisted maunly in explaining the management of an OCF facility currently deployed in GÉANT3 and the configuration of XEN and OpenVswitch. The trainers of this course were Carolina, Carlos and Leo, members of the DANA Future Internet Test-bed team and Christos Argyropoulos from GRNET.

Also, we enjoyed a very nice weather and took our colleagues to excellent restaurants where they enjoyed the local food. Thanks to everybody who helped organizing such an amazing and useful meeting, and also thanks to RedIris for trusting us for such task.

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