GEYSERS General Assembly Meeting

The General Assembly meeting of the GEYSERS project was celebrated last November, 16th to 18h, in the SAP offices in Zürich, Switzerland. Over 30 participants from 15 different partners attended, which created a rich and heterogeneous environment for carrying out discussions on achievements and progress during the 1st year and on challenges for the remaining two years.

The agenda this time was extremely populated, since notorious progress has been made in the past months. i2CAT has a two-fold role in GEYSERS project. On the one hand, Sergi Figuerola holds the Technical Management of the whole project, which implies leading the Technical Board and assuring the technical coherence and excellence of the project outcomes. On the other hand, Joan A. Garcia-Espin holds the Work Package 3 leadership, devoted to create the Logical Infrastructure Composition Layer.

During the past project life-time, all wok packages have started and some of them have even produced relevant pieces of work, such:

  • Requirements, use cases and business models behind the GEYSERS idea and concepts, produced by work package 1. This work has been based on a new paradigm consisting on decoupling infrastructure tenancy from service provisioning. It aims at bringing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model to a hybrid substrate, made of both IT and Optical Network resources.
  • GEYSERS overall architecture, produced by work package 2. It has been defined using a layered approach. From bottom to top, GEYSERS considers the Physical Infrastructure, the Logical Infrastructure Composition Layer (LICL), the Enhanced Network Control (NCP+) layer and the Service Middleware Layer (SML).
  • Logical Infrastructure Composition Layer definition and preliminary architecture, produced by work package 3. Shaped as a deliverable (D3.1), an specification of the characteristics and challenges, as well as a preliminary building blocks architecture, has been created. i2CAT has been the main editor of this significant piece of work.
  • Initial studies on enhanced network control plane extensions for supporting IT resource information sharing and a new portfolio of network services has been produced by work package 4. Issues like green-aware path computation and loosely specified network services handling have also been studied.
  • Test-bed deployment and existing platforms assessment was presented by work package 5.

Last but not least, many side conversations in pétit comité have helped in unblocking ongoing work, by polishing points of view nuances among partners with a more friendly environment than the tele conferences provide in the day by day work. Needless to say, partnership dinners and social events planned have been decisive for creating a more than comfortable working stay in Zürich.

Keep on reading the blog for future news about GEYSERS!

About Joan A. García-Espín

M.Sc. Joan A. García-Espín ( is the Director of the Distributed Applications and Networks Area (DANA) of the i2CAT Foundation. He received his Telecommunication Engineering degree from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) in 2007. He wrote his Master Thesis in design and implementation of TE-enabled, DiffServ-aware MPLS networks for providing end-to-end QoS, also in 2007. He is a PhD candidate in the Telematics Engineering Department of the UPC. He is currently working in European projects FP7 GEYSERS (WP3 Leader) and GÉANT3. He has also participated in various European projects such as FP6 PHOSPHORUS and FP7 FEDERICA, and national (Spanish) projects including Enigma, Enigma Enhanced (Enigma II) and E3MS. He owns experience in optical networking, dynamic switching and management systems for networks, QoS and DiffServ for MPLS networks and infrastructure virtualisation. He is an active contributor to the NSI-wg and ISOD-rg gropus in the Open Grid Forum. His main research interests are cooperative agent interaction for network service provisioning, infrastructure virtualisation and network resource sharing and allocation.
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