i2CAT conferences about Future Internet in RedCLARA

Last July 31st, i2CAT participated in the 1st “Dia Virtual: La Internet del Futuro“(Virtual Day: the Future Internet), an online webinar where several presenters from different universities and institutions from Latin America present and discuss about the Future Internet.

The event was organized by RedCLARA through its portal Días Virtuales RedCLARA and apart from i2CAT also participated REUNA from Chile and RNP from Brazil.

i2CAT contributed with 2 presentations. On the first one, Sebastià Sallent talked about the Future Internet, how it become from the network of networks to the service of services, the evolution of Internet as a set of linked terminals to the ubiquity of the Internet everywhere and in everything. He also commented several worldwide initiatives that are addressing the problems that the Future Internet faces, focusing on the European FIRE (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) initiative.

On the other hand, Carlos Bermudo talked about one of those specific initiatives in FIRE: the FIBRE Project (Future Internet testbeds experimentation between BRazil and Europe). This project, coordinated by i2CAT, aims to build a federation of testbeds located in Brazil and Europe to offer an experimentation platform for the investigation about Future Internet.

The other participants presented the different initiatives that are being carried in South America to face the challenges that Future Internet is presenting.

The presentations where broadcasted by streaming and many other South American universities and institutions attended it and participated in a questions and answers round after the presentations.

More details about the agenda, presenters and the slide sets presented (FI in Europe, FIBRE, FI in Chile and FI in Brazil) can be found on the event webpage.

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