i2CAT experimental platform starts connecting users

In November 2010 CTX started the final stage of its experimental facility, the objective of which is to offer a high-capacity validation infrastructure so projects and companies can test developments that require an optical transport network or in general a network capable of offering high bandwidth.

Now we are in the process of finishing the connection of the first beta-testers and early  adopters users of the platform.

A couple of years ago, Fundació Digitalent was the first user of the platform, with a 10GE link that is used to perform demos of high definition and ultra high definition video transmissions. They have been an active player that helped us to consolidate the optical transport substrate.

However, we wanted to go one step forward and connect the most relevant players in the research and innovation arena in Catalonia.

Last month we connected Mediapro to the platform and this week we have established a link to our i2Health Sant Pau research centre.

Now we are in the process of connecting Atos Origin, Sant Vicenç dels Horts municipality  and Iglor located at the Citilab innovation centre.

With all those users connected to the platform, we will beta-test SILVIA software tools so we build up a robust validation facility.

Our final objective is to generate an innovation ecosystem that enhances research and development on network technologies and applications with an European scope while trying to promote the Catalan industry.

Acknowledgements: This project is being partially funded by EU FEDER funds.

About Carlos Bock

PhD. Broadband engineer; FTTH specialist and entrepreneur; fiber pioneer
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