i2CAT experimental platform

One of the most relevant projects of the CTX national team is the deployment of i2CAT experimental platform, which pretends to offer experimental validation services for local and international projects that require a real optical network to perform testing and debugging of devices, protocols and applications.

The network is based on three flexible optical nodes and R-OADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add and Drop Multiplexer) technology and are located in three different places:

  • IMI at 22@ area
  • i2CAT NOC at Campus Nord
  • Orange NOC at Pedrosa Industrial Park

They are connected in a 60km optical ring with 10Gbps and 2.5Gbps optical carriers to and from each node.

During this year we are also starting to connect customers to the platform. Now we have Digitalent Foundation and UPF and in the short term we will also connect:

Also, the platform offers FTTH extensions and we have a permanent connection to an FTTH lab located at EPSC Campus in Castelldefels.

The services that can be validated range from L1 to L3 network services and our intention for 2011 is to develop a management plane that is able to reserve resources and perform network connections without (or with minimum interaction) of our NOC people, tending to an OPEX zero model and following the IaaS philosophy that i2CAT CTX is developing.

This is one of the strategic projects of CTX and has evolved since 2007, with outcomes from different project: PROFIT/CIDEM DREAMS, 2009 Inforegió PAIS and LambdaCAT and will continue with 2010 Inforegió SILVIA.

If you want more details about the platform, we will be more than happy to give you further information.

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PhD. Broadband engineer; FTTH specialist and entrepreneur; fiber pioneer
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