i2CAT increased its international projection during 2012

A small exercise of self-consciousness: Some figures we are proud of:

  • i2CAT participated in 28 international projects during 2012, compared to the 16 ones in 2011,
  • 5 coordinated by i2CAT, out of those 28,
  • and even more amazing: 4 out of those 5 are coordinated by the DANA area.

My most sincere congratulations to all our team members at DANA for an excellent work, and of course to i2CAT’s for the sounded international projection.

For further information, stay tuned!

About Joan A. García-Espín

M.Sc. Joan A. García-Espín (joan.antoni.garcia@i2cat.net) is the Director of the Distributed Applications and Networks Area (DANA) of the i2CAT Foundation. He received his Telecommunication Engineering degree from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) in 2007. He wrote his Master Thesis in design and implementation of TE-enabled, DiffServ-aware MPLS networks for providing end-to-end QoS, also in 2007. He is a PhD candidate in the Telematics Engineering Department of the UPC. He is currently working in European projects FP7 GEYSERS (WP3 Leader) and GÉANT3. He has also participated in various European projects such as FP6 PHOSPHORUS and FP7 FEDERICA, and national (Spanish) projects including Enigma, Enigma Enhanced (Enigma II) and E3MS. He owns experience in optical networking, dynamic switching and management systems for networks, QoS and DiffServ for MPLS networks and infrastructure virtualisation. He is an active contributor to the NSI-wg and ISOD-rg gropus in the Open Grid Forum. His main research interests are cooperative agent interaction for network service provisioning, infrastructure virtualisation and network resource sharing and allocation.
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