i2CAT participates in next “RedCLARA Virtual Day”

RedCLARA, the organization that implements and manages the Latin America NRENs network infrastructure, organizes monthly a thematic “Virtual Day” where experts in the corresponding subject present short talks and answer attendants questions.

Next April 24th i2CAT is going to participate in the “1st Future Internet Virtual Day” by giving 2 conferences.

What is a “Virtual Day”?

A “Virtual Day” is an online event where several experts make presentations about a subject and then answer questions from the attendants. It is intended for an academic audience from other fields different from the one presented, in order to disseminate the subjects among other fields’ professionals.

“Virtual Days” are organized by RedCLARA in collaboration with different entities depending on the subject to be presented. Those events consist in 4 presentations, usually about 15-20 minutes long, and then a final questions round. Presentations are broadcasted via streaming and attendants can participate through Skype.

What is the “1st Future Internet Virtual Day” about?

Next “Virtual Day” will be held on April 24th and will be focused in Future Internet, specifically in what are the next steps and projects and where is FI going in several Latin America countries and Europe.

i2CAT will contribute with a presentation about the Future Internet in Europe and an introduction about the FIBRE project.

Professor Sebastià Sallent, the coordinator of the FIBRE project and director of the i2CAT foundation will present the first presentation and Leonardo Bergesio, Project Manager who participates in the FIBRE project as WP leader, will present the second one.

After i2CAT presentations, another two about the Future Internet in Brazil and Chile, will be presented. The Brazil one will be presented by Leandro Ciuffo, Manager in the Directorate of R&D at RNP and FIBRE WP manager, in charge of dissemination activities. The presentation about the future of internet in Chile is in charge of Claudia Inostroza, Operations Chief in REUNA.

More info about the event and register form can be found at: http://eventos.redclara.net/indico/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=225

This event is a great opportunity for i2CAT to disseminate its activities among the Latin America academic community and make contacts for possible future collaborations.

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