Improving network utilization in cloud computing environments

Cloud computing  relies on the network as an elementary service. An increasing number of distributed computing applications pose highly-demanding requirements for dynamicity and flexibility in network and computing resource control (e.g. automated scaling up/down).

However, network services are still treated by applications as “always-on” and the application layer is unable to exploit the automatic control potentialities of the current  network technologies. The computing resources dynamics are completely uncorrelated from the network ones and there is a common trend to over-provision network services. This leads to inefficient resource utilization in the network.

Briefly, BonFIRE offers a multi-site cloud testbed that supports large scale testing of applications, services and systems over multiple, geo-graphically distributed, heterogeneous cloud testbeds. BonFIRE targets the Internet of Services community and offers a test infrastructure that is ideal for performing experiments relating to distributed applications and services.

One of the key features of BonFIRE is to give experimenters the ability to control some of the many variables that affect the performance of distributed applications. For example, BonFIRE allows experimenters to control network quality of service parameters such as latency, delay and packed loss using IBBT’s Virtual Wall network emulation facility. Further control of network performance between geographically distributed infrastructures in anticipated through future interconnection with the FEDERICA and AutoBahn facilities, trying to improve the relation between the cloud sites and the network services mentoined previously.

FEDERICA was a European Project of the 7th Framework Program. Its main goal was to deploy an e-Infrastructure for researchers on Future Internet. This infrastructure is physically distributed around the whole Europe and it is composed by routers, switches and servers. Currently, access to a subset of FEDERICA infrastructure is possible through collaboration with NOVI FP7 STREP project.

AutoBAHN (Automated Bandwidth Allocation across Heterogeneous Networks) is the GÉANT Bandwidth on Demand system. It reserves resources in heterogeneous, multi-domain environments, allowing immediate and advance circuit reservations. Among the NRENs participating in the AutoBAHN pilot in GÉANT there is PSNC (PL), Janet (UK), Renateur (FR).

Our current work consist on extending BonFIRE architecture to allow federation with NOVI and be able to request and allocate FEDERICA network resources and to extend BonFIRE architecture to be able to request circuits with guaranteed bandwidth trough AutoBAHN service tool.The final goal is to provide an improved network control/provision to BonFIRE experimenters.

If you are interested in the topic, keep reading our blog for further updates about how we integrate network control on BonFIRE multi-cloud scope !



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