International Demo at TNC2014

Last Terena Networking Conference (TNC2014) was scenario of an important international collaboration of the i2CAT DANA team together with ADVA, HEAnet and Eurotek. The event showcased a live demo of the end-to-end service provisioning of a video on demand service transmitted over a colourless ROADM ring.

i2CAT contributed with the implementation of the service orchestrator and configurator based on OpenNaaS, an open source platform for provisioning network resources. It allows the deployment and automated configuration of dynamic network infrastructures and defines a vendor-independent interface to access services provided by these resources. OpenNaaS provides support for a variety of resources such as optical switches, routers, IP networks and BoD domains, but, more importantly, it is easy to add new resources and their capabilities as an extension.

ADVA, in turn, deployed an Optical Network Hypervisor as a multi-tenant capable application that creates and exposes abstract representations of the underlying transport network and exports that abstracted network to client SDN controllers. An abstracted network can be exposed as a single node or multiple nodes with abstract links. From the perspective of the exposed SDN interface the Network Hypervisor acts as one or more (virtual) nodes.

Additionaly, HEAnet acted as support infrastructure provider and Eurotek brought their 4K encoding and decoding equipment at the edges of the ROADM ring as well as 4K content.

The demo was performed in the exhibition booths and in the dedicated demo area gathering a great interest of the audience. The satisfactory outcomes of the joint effort open new opportunities for collaboration between i2CAT and the other involved industrial partners in topics related to infrastructure control and management.


TNC 2014 SDN Demo

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