Latest RINA news: Global Future Internet Week in Seoul, CAMAD conference and PhD Forum in Barcelona

On the 12th of September, Eduard Grasa was in the 7th International Conference on Future Internet Technologies (CFI) that took place in Seoul, Korea during the Global Future Internet Week (GFIW). The goal of the CFI conference is to foster international research collaboration in the field of future Internet research, covering clean-slate Internet architecture concepts, new networking protocols and related global-scale/programmable network testbeds. Eduard was there and presented the paper “Developing a RINA Prototype over IP using the TINOS framework”. The paper’s objective was to describe the rationale, the major design choices and the implementation of a RINA prototype over UDP/IP.

Global Future Internet Week

In addition, Eduard was invited to the Global Future Internet Summit that took place also in Seoul during the GFIW two days later, on the 14th of September. He gave a talk presenting the status of the most important activities around RINA research and development. The  focus of his talk was on the prototyping efforts. He explained the plans for RINA prototyping and the current status of the Java prototype that is being developed. Moreover, he gave an overview of the goals of the new and promising FP7 project IRATI, that will take off on 1st of January 2013. IRATI’s objective is to design an implement a RINA prototype on top of Ethernet that will permit the experimentation and evaluation of RINA in comparison to TCP/IP.

The news have not finished here though! I attended the International Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling Analysis and Design of Communication Links and Networks (CAMAD) that took place in Barcelona during the 17-19th of September. CAMAD is taking place every two years and aims to provide a forum for discussion of recent developments on analytical and simulation tools and techniques for the performance evaluation of communications systems. This year the focus was on Energy Efficient Future Internet Networks and special tracks on Smart Grids, Social Networks and Future Service Oriented Internet were held. On the 19th I was there to present the paper “Layer Discovery in RINA Networks”. The objective of the paper was to explore how do applications  that want to communicate discover each other in a network and what has to be done to enable the communication between them. The mechanism that is responsible for this function is the Directory service, which in RINA networks we call it Inter-DIF Directory (IDD).

So, September has been a busy and exciting month and we plan the same for October! 😉 This Monday on October 15th, we will be in the Forum on Ph.D. Research in Information and Communication Technologies 2012 that will be held in Barcelona. The Barcelona PhD Forum is jointly organized by the Departments of Electronic Engineering, Signal Theory and Communication, Computer Architecture, Telematics Engineering, and Software of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). The main objective of the event is to provide a contact point between PhD researchers of UPC and private companies of the ICT sector. We will be there presenting a RINA poster related to the application discovery in RINA networks. The registration is open to anybody interested and it will be our pleasure to meet you there, discuss with you and reply to any questions you might have. You can check the information on how to get to the venue here. Hope to see you there!

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