My experience as a student at ICT 2013

One month ago I attended to ICT2013, which was held in Vilnius, to present my research project because I was one of the finalists chosen in the Student ICT Research Project Competition.

It was the first time I attended a conference like this, where all ICT interests of Europe are focused there. I had a good impression about the entire event. Regarding the organization, the event was perfect, it is not easily prepare an event like this, in which so many people with different ideas show several interesting projects.

Create, grow, connect... the slogan of ICT2013

Create, grow, connect… the ICT2013 slogan

For the part that corresponds me, I spent a lot of time in the Student’s Corner, where we were all students. However, it was interesting to attend in some conferences about the actual ICT ideas and take a tour of the exhibitors in order to see several important projects. We meet a lot of people, we saw other projects and explore new ideas. In addition, I presented my ICT project based on my Master Thesis. I must admit I was very nervous on my first presentation in front of quite people, and much more when I had to make a detailed explanation about the project to the evaluators of the European Commission. However, I presented and everything went pretty well; I won the competition!

To conclude, I want to emphasize that I lived a great experience. I met a lot of people during these three days, mostly, students from all Europe. In addition, I want to say thanks to the organizers of ICT2013 to provide this opportunity to the students to enjoy this great event, and to present our research project. Finally, but not less important, I want to say thanks to i2CAT members because they help me a lot, in all of aspects during the realization of my Master Thesis, and also in order to make more easier the exposition of my project in Vilnius.

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