NOVI project goes on: Second F2F Meeting in Brussels

The second NOVI Face to Face Meeting took place on April 28th and 29th. It was kindly organized by Graca Carvalho (Cisco) and hosted at Cisco installations in Brussels. Up to 29 attendants representing all NOVI partners participated in the meeting.

The main scope of the face to face meeting was to present the present state of WP2 (NOVI Information and data models for resource abstraction and composition in federated platforms) and WP4 (Monitoring – Resource Allocation – Authentication Toolset: Prototype Integration and experiments) and to sketch the future actions points. It was also a good chance to discuss general issues such as the architecture of NOVI Control and Management Plane. Furthermore Graca Carvalho managed to arrange some presentations with Cisco experts.

i2CAT is an active NOVI partner that is involved both in WP2 and WP4 and is also working in the architecture design task as well as providing expertise on FEDERICA testbed.

Some of the main topics that were discussed during the sessions were the following:

  • NOVI Control and management plane architecture which will provide the following services: i) intelligent resource mapping ii) resource discovery iii) database iv) monitoring v) policy management.

  • Authorization and Policy management in federations and stressing on scalability and federated identity management concepts.
  • Policy Management in federations in heterogeneous policy management relationship context (peer-to-peer or hierarchical models).
  • Information Model to support NOVI architecture. The requirements for the NOVI Information Model and their relation to standard bodies (DMTF, OGF, IETF).
  • NOVI Switch introduction. NOVI Switch will operate at layer 2 establishing links between federated testbeds. The idea is to allow different virtual networks will be able to operate in parallel, sharing the same physical resources but being isolated at the link layer.

Regarding to the Cisco expertise presentations the following topics were addressed:

  • Cisco USA activities in standard bodies and their possible relation with NOVI project.
  • Cisco virtualization solutions: Cisco’s NEXUS 1000V architecture.
  • Cisco’s Strategy on Data Center Virtualization and cloud activities.

It has been a very fruitful meeting. On one side it has been useful to update the present state of each of WP2 and WP4 and decide which are the following steps to follow. On the other side, the presentations given by Cisco experts where very interesting not only because of the deep technical issues that were discussed but also by the focusing of the issues from a business point of view.

Furthermore it was a fine occasion for NOVI family to get to see each other again reminding us that European FP7 projects are not only about technology research but also about establishing links with people and institutions from all around the European Community.

For further information on NOVI FP7 Project please see the following site:

This post was written by Alejandro Chuang

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