OFELIA’s first phase is coming to its end and the first Open Call started

In October of last year the FP7  “Open Flow in Europe: Linking Infrastructure and Applications” project, or OFELIA as we like to call it, started with the kickoff meeting which took place in the University of Essex, England.  So far, the first phase of the OFELIA is almost finished.

The aim of the OFELIA project is to create a unique experimental facility that allows researchers to not only experiment on a test network but to control the network itself precisely and dynamically. To achieve this, the OFELIA facility is based on OpenFlow,   currently emerging networking technology that allows virtualizing and controlling the network environment through secure and standardized interfaces.

The strength of OFELIA is its concept of federated or interconnected islands. A set of five islands creates a diverse infrastructure with high-performance OpenFlow equipment that allows experimentation on multi-layer and multi-technology networks provided by the different islands. Here in i2CAT a first installation of our island has been carried out. It is provided with three SuperMicro SYS-6010T-T servers and five NEC switches model IP8800/S3640-24T2XW. The other four islands are located the facilities of Technische Universitaet Berlin (TUB), University of Essex (UEssex), IBBT and ETH Zurich.

i2cat islandMoreover, the WP5, which i2CAT is leading, is about to finished the first running version of the OFELIA Control Framework which will be managing the whole facility, although it will be locally in each island for this first phase.

Coinciding with the end of the project first phase, the first of three OpenCalls is already open for proposals in opencalls@fp7-ofelia.eu until March 30th 2011, 17:00 Brussels time.  The call OFELIA-2011-1 is organised in three different areas of objectives. These areas are:

  1. The extension of the existing experimental facility.
  2. The measurement and evaluation of the existing experimental facility.
  3. The functional enhancement of the experimental facility for experiments.

The EU has published a GUIDE FOR APPLICANTS. This contains a template for the proposal and general explanations about the proposal generation and evaluation process.

The available budget for the call is 420K€, the maximum contribution per successful proposal is 200K€, overall between 2 and 5 new partners are planned to be added to the consortium.

The goal of these Open Calls is not just to maximize the impact of the project in the European research community, telecommunications industry, standardization bodies and the general public in Europe and worldwide, but also improve the functionality and the benefits the OFELIA OpenFlow testbed can provide.

Additional information can be found at http://www.fp7-ofelia.eu/open-calls/opencall-faq/

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