OFELIA FP7 2nd Annual Review: Excellent progress!

During the 17th and 18th of last January, the cosortium of the OFELIA FP7 project, where i2CAT is the Development Work Package leader, joined in Ghent at the iMinds offices to present the work done during the second year of the project in front of a group of specialists representing the European Comission.
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The reviewers found that during the second reporting period, considerable changes have occurred and remarkable work has been conducted. Along the most important results for this period it could be seen:

  • Stabilization of the control framework: several versions of the OFELIA Control Framework have been released, being  v0.4.3 the last one. During this year, as previously reported in this blog, OCF has been increasing its functionalities at the same time lot of bugs have been fixing making it a por reliable piece of software for testbed management and experiment set up. This was also achieve thanks to the colaboration of other projects such as FIBRE, Fed4FIRE and GEÀNT which are using and developing OCF.
  • The interconnection and intra-federation of the individual OFELIA islands. Related with the previous point, OCF now supports a more reliable intra-federation of different OCF instances. This together with the physical interconnection of the  different islands creating the experimental traffic network resulted in the extension of the testbed by intra-federation of its local islands.
  • The outcomes of the second Open Call, which received more proposals than expected, and finally 6 new partners joined the project.
  • Extensions of OpenFlow and of the testbed to other technologies.  The two main results in this direction are the  UnivBris, ADVA, and now CTTC , work focused on the integration of optical in OpenFlow, and secondly the integration of OFELIA with the wireless testbed BOWL located at the TUB.
  • Related with the Open Calls and the new partners, two new work packages have started in the period under review, although the Description of work was increased with 13 work packages in total.

From the DANA we are very proud that the final evaluation of the reviewers was: “Excellent progress (the project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period and has even exceeded expectations)”, as it is stated in the consolidated report we just received. Congratulations to all the partners in OFELIA!

Not resting, the consortium will hold a General Assembly the first week of March in Trento, Italy, in order to plan the final months of the project focusing mostly in the improvement of the connections, the integration of new software components and offering a better experience to the experimenters of the OFELIA testbed.

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