OFELIA news – summer 2011

Summer 2011 is going to be a very exciting season for the OFELIA project! Check out latest news and events happening on OFELIA:

  • OFELIA facility soon becoming operational
  • Flow-based switching summer school
  • OFELIA development team strengthens continuous development of OFELIA Control Framework
  • Barcelona I2CAT’s island is undergoing a major upgrade
  • New website look&feel

OFELIA facility soon becoming operational

The facility initial set-up phase is coming to its end and users can start experimenting. The first public service offering is planned for July 2011.

The usage of the OFELIA facility will be provided “as is” as a free-of-charge best-effort service. Any user accepting the usage policy is welcome to experiment on the OpenFlow-enabled testbed.


Flow-based switching summer school:

The summer school on flow-based switching and the OpenFlow technology will be jointly organized by the CHANGE and OFELIA projects.

The summer school’s website is at http://changeofelia.info.ucl.ac.be/

The event will take place in Berlin between November 7 and November 11, directly after the Internet Measurement Conference 2011 (November 2-4, also in Berlin). We expect around 30 PhD students for this event.

More information: http://www.fp7-ofelia.eu/news-and-events/summer-school/


OFELIA development team strengthens continuous development of OFELIA Control Framework

Led by i2cat (www.i2cat.net), OFELIA’s development team (WP5) is working hard to release the new version of the control framework software based on the expedient framework developed by Stanford University for automated management of the OFELIA facility. After the first release (Alpha) and Release Candidate 1 (0.1 RC1), all OFELIA partners are currently extensively testing the new 0.1 Release Candidate 2. This new version makes new features available including better management of virtual machines in XEN based server environments, improved address management and allocation, and enhancements to the graphical user interface using AJAX technology for real-time resource status monitoring. This 0.1 RC2 also fixes numerous bugs that have been identified in the last weeks, moving OFELIA’s control framework towards a stable and mature experimentation environment.


Barcelona I2CAT’s island is undergoing a major upgrade

In Barcelona, I2CAT’s island is undergoing a major upgrade in May 2011: To the current island’s hardware, composed of five SuperMicro 4 CPU and 12GB memory servers and five 24-port OpenFlow-enabled NEC switches, an extra set of three HP  E3500-48G-PoE+ yl switches will be added, conforming a topology with up to 360 1Gb Ethernet copper ports, and up to 16 optical SFP 10Gb ports. The new switches will allow i2cat’s island to conform a very dense meshed network topology between the OpenFlow switches, and hence empowering experimentation in a variety of fields such as routing or load balancing.

i2CAT island’s equipment (11-07-2011); HP switches not yet wired

New website look&feel

Check out the new design of the OFELIA website at OFELIA’s project website.

Stay tuned at http://www.fp7-ofelia.eu/news-and-events/ and follow OFELIA project on Twitter and on Facebook

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