OpenNaaS 0.22 new release

The OpenNaaS development team is very proud to announce the OpenNaaS 0.22 release, which satisfies the requeriments for Mantychore FP7 project and adds new and exciting functionalities to the platform.

The development team had two main goals:

  • develop an extension of OpenStack Quantum (it changed to OpenStack Neutron in the last month) to use OpenNaaS as network manager.
  • support Quagga, a software router platfrom, to allow any institution to work with OpenNaaS without doing any hardware investment.

As most of these developments are based or uses other platforms, the development effort was focused on setting the basis to grow on functionalities with an strong foundation. Furthermore, it is also demonstrated that OpenNaaS can work together with other platforms and adds new possibilities to them.

Follow this link to find the complete list of changes, together with instructions for getting and using the release:

Enjoy these new features!

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