OpenNaaS Christmas Special

In December we launched a campaign to rekindle the OpenNaaS community, the OpenNaaS Christmas Special. We organized a vote to determine the most wanted OpenNaaS feature, which will be implemented in 2014.

The choices were:

  • Physical infrastructure: Enable OpenNaaS to obtain information about the physical infrastructure
  • Pool of IPs: Add plugable IP assignment functionality, so that different implementation can be used depending on an organization’s need
  • GUI: Create a generic GUI for OpenNaaS, offering graphical topology editing and the execution of commands, similar to the current CLI.
  • WS in JSON: Offer the OpenNaaS webservices in JSON in addition to XML
  • Capabilities: Implement additional capabilities like l2vpn, mpls/vpls, ibgp, ebgp

And the result:

  • Physical infrastructure: 33%
  • WS in JSON: 17%
  • Generic GUI: 50%

We are looking forward to implementing the GUI in 2014, since it is a long sought-after feature. Finally, OpenNaaS will have a face!

Details can be found on the all-new OpenNaaS website!

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