RINA Workshop @ Dublin and PRISTINE kick-off

Last week was without doubt one of the most important ones for the RINA community: for the second time all of us met to discuss, share ideas, present results and initiate new collaborations at the RINA workshop in Dublin. It was a great event, filled with the passion and energy we all share to bring this promising technology closer to real-world deployment. During the event the IRATI project presented the results of their work after one year of work.

PRISTINE family, kick-off meeting

PRISTINE family, kick-off meeting

Immediately after the workshop the PRISTINE project celebrated its kick-off meeting, planning the work of the first months of the project in order to get all the consortium up to speed. These are definitely exciting times for the RINA community!

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Netconf4j 0.0.6 released!

This new version of netconf4j comes with several new functionalities and improvements, e.g. support for server implementations.

Find the details here: Netconf4j 0.0.6 released.

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The COSIGN project kicks off

Year 2014 has started and while preparing for the forthcoming H2020 calls, the last of our accepted FP7 projects, COSIGN, has officially launched on 1-1-2014. COSIGN will be a 36 month project targeting next generation data centre networks by combining novel optics and SDN technologies. DANA-i2CAT will lead work package 1 for the design of the architecture and the identification of new business and technological requirements. DANA-i2CAT will also bring to the project its expertise in virtualisation and SDN networks to build a service orchestrator able to manage and coordinate virtual Data Centre services on top of an optical substrate.
The official Kick Off meeting will be held between the 27th and 29th of January in Haifa (Israel), and will be hosted by IBM Israel.

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OpenNaaS Christmas Special

In December we launched a campaign to rekindle the OpenNaaS community, the OpenNaaS Christmas Special. We organized a vote to determine the most wanted OpenNaaS feature, which will be implemented in 2014.

The choices were:

  • Physical infrastructure: Enable OpenNaaS to obtain information about the physical infrastructure
  • Pool of IPs: Add plugable IP assignment functionality, so that different implementation can be used depending on an organization’s need
  • GUI: Create a generic GUI for OpenNaaS, offering graphical topology editing and the execution of commands, similar to the current CLI.
  • WS in JSON: Offer the OpenNaaS webservices in JSON in addition to XML
  • Capabilities: Implement additional capabilities like l2vpn, mpls/vpls, ibgp, ebgp

And the result:

  • Physical infrastructure: 33%
  • WS in JSON: 17%
  • Generic GUI: 50%

We are looking forward to implementing the GUI in 2014, since it is a long sought-after feature. Finally, OpenNaaS will have a face!

Details can be found on the all-new OpenNaaS website http://opennaas.org/!

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Welcome to PRISTINE: the RINA family is growing!

With the start of the new year we’re very happy to announce that a new funded FP7 project is joining the RINA family: ICT PRISTINE. PRISTINE will use RINA to develop practical, demonstrable, and commercially exploitable solutions to the market segments of network infrastructure (switching, controllers), cloud virtualisation & control layer, and network virtualisation services, which as a whole will benefit network service providers, cloud service providers, and enterprise data centres.

Read more here.

pristine_logo (1)

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Merry Christmas…!!!

Wikipedia says a tradition is a belief or behavior passed own within a group or society with a symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. Technically speaking thus, the Christmas photo of the group has become a tradition in these dates. Obviously, we need to consider Wikipedia holds technical reliable content to make the previous assumption, but that’s another story I’ll go through at some other time. So coming back to the tradition track, Christmas is already here, and so is our photo…

Oh wait! It is animated! (Hm… yes, what an epic shot!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Continue reading

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OFELIA FP7 comes to an end

The OFELIA FP7 project started on September 2010, aimed to develop the first OpenFlow test environment (testbed) in Europe that would support Future Internet researches (that is, including virtualization and network control through the OpenFlow-enabled equipment that would be also extended to wireless and optical technologies). You may find here more information about it.


After 3 years of work, the partners met with this past November with the European Comission’s designated reviewers at Brussels, in order to assess the project’s outcomes. Although the final review report is yet to be issued, the preliminary comments at the meeting were that an excellent work had been made.

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BonFIRE FP7 project is over

On December 4th and 5th, the final review for the FP7 BonFIRE project took place on Bristol, where i2CAT and other participants would reunite. At the same time and location, CloudCom2013 was taking place. As participant and conference sponsor, BonFIRE sent a paper+poster and organized the UNICO workshop that addressed subjects such as federation with OpenStack in multi-cloud testbeds, host-level contention detection by guest VMs, a set of use cases making use of the BonFIRE testbeds and others.


The outcome of the past 3 ½ years has been definitely very satisfactory from both the technical and the management dimensions, being therefore assessed as excellent.

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My experience as a student at ICT 2013

One month ago I attended to ICT2013, which was held in Vilnius, to present my research project because I was one of the finalists chosen in the Student ICT Research Project Competition.

It was the first time I attended a conference like this, where all ICT interests of Europe are focused there. I had a good impression about the entire event. Regarding the organization, the event was perfect, it is not easily prepare an event like this, in which so many people with different ideas show several interesting projects.

Create, grow, connect... the slogan of ICT2013

Create, grow, connect… the ICT2013 slogan

For the part that corresponds me, I spent a lot of time in the Student’s Corner, where we were all students. However, it was interesting to attend in some conferences about the actual ICT ideas and take a tour of the exhibitors in order to see several important projects. We meet a lot of people, we saw other projects and explore new ideas. In addition, I presented my ICT project based on my Master Thesis. I must admit I was very nervous on my first presentation in front of quite people, and much more when I had to make a detailed explanation about the project to the evaluators of the European Commission. However, I presented and everything went pretty well; I won the competition!

To conclude, I want to emphasize that I lived a great experience. I met a lot of people during these three days, mostly, students from all Europe. In addition, I want to say thanks to the organizers of ICT2013 to provide this opportunity to the students to enjoy this great event, and to present our research project. Finally, but not less important, I want to say thanks to i2CAT members because they help me a lot, in all of aspects during the realization of my Master Thesis, and also in order to make more easier the exposition of my project in Vilnius.

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Welcome to the IRINA project: RINA in the NREN and GEANT environment

We are very happy to announce that there is a new research initiative in the RINA family: the IRINA project. IRINA (Investigating RINA as the next generation NREN and GEANT architecture), is one of the winners of the GEANT3+ first open call. More information is available at the IRATI project website.

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-29 a las 11.41.16

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