Remaking the Internet report by Richard Bennett

Last August Richard Bennett published a report entitled “Remaking the Internet, taking network architecture to the next level“. In the report the author proposes a plan to transition to a new Internet, taking advantadge of some of the latest developments in different topics. The new architecture, as shown in Figure 1, would be composed of:


Richard Bennett's proposed architecture. Source: "Remaking the Internet, taking network architecture to the next level", by Richard Bennett

  • RINA, the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture as the internetwork layer, currently missing in “the Internet” (it is curious that “the Internet” is not an internetwork, but a catenet, a concatenation of networks).
  • The legacy TCP/IP/MPLS stack to provide transport services over the current networks.
  • Uniform MAC protocols capable of accomodating coding variations to support different physical layers.

If you have been following our blog, you will know that we’re involved in the RINA initiative as members of the Pouzin Society. Bennett’s proposal is an interesting approach for an initial phase of the transition from the current Internet to RINA. While the full benefits of RINA can only be realized with a complete deployment of the RINA architecture in all the layers, the architecture depicted in Figure 1 would allow for a significant number of improvements over the current Internet, while at the same time leveraging the base of IP/MPLS existing equipment and paving the way for a full adoption.

If you want to know more I recommend you to read the full report, it is really worth it!

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