Second GÉANT Project Symposium

The second GÉANT3 Symposium took place on the 24, 25 and 26 November in Vienna and brought together the partners, activity leaders and task leaders in the GÉANT3 project. The Symposium aims to provide project participants with a broad appreciation of the project and how the different activities all contribute to achieve the project goals as well as helping to build relationships with peers in the GÉANT team. Precisely, the theme for this Symposium was One Team, to highlight the need of collaboration within partners.

i2CAT, as an actively collaborating member, has attended to the second GÉANT3 Symposium. There was a plenary session on the first day where all attendees (236 persons were registered for the plenary) got to hear about key activities’ progress, developments, challenges and future of GÉANT, the pan-European network dedicated to the research and education community.

Second GÉANT Symposium, Vienna 2010

In addition to the plenary session, there was two more days of activity and cross-activity meetings. i2CAT participated in the activity meetings which has been working during last year as well as to some related cross-activities where i2CAT participation was required. More specifically, i2CAT was present, within others, in meetings related with:

  • Offer virtualization services over GÉANT and NREN infrastructures.
  • The design of a dynamic circuit provisioning service for multi-domain networks (AutoBAHN).
  • The specification of a Bandwidth-on-Demand service for the GÉANT network.
  • Solving last mile connectivity issues for high-speed dynamic circuits ( campus networks).
  • Network description topology languages  for multi-domain environments
  • Network factory, a framework for requesting an infrastructure independent of the production environment to perform tests.
  • The design of GEMBus, a multi-domain, multi-ESB infrastructure that provides the basis to define, discover, access, combine and integrate any service within the GÉANT network in the form of composable services.

Finally, the whole event was a great opportunity to meet face to face many colleagues and carry on a lot of fruitful and productive discussions. And I’m pretty sure this feeling was experienced not only for i2CAT side :).

By the way, you may would like to listen a special GÉANT birthday song, composed by Domenico Vicinanza using text sonification, it was played at the beginning of the Plenary. The composition is created using the names of those NRENs and partners involved in the project, with a melody generated by associating a note to each letter.

More info & download available here:

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