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BonFIRE is moving to horizontal integration.

If you recall, BonFIRE offers a multi-site cloud testbed which supports large scale testing of apllications, services  and systems over multi geographically distributed cloud testbeds. Main i2CAT responsabilities are related with interconnection with external facilities. So far, this activities were … Continue reading

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TERENA Networking Conference 2012

Two months ago, TERENA Networking Conference 2012 took place in Reykjavik, Iceland. DANA team has been there presenting achievements in the projects we are involved, contacting NREN’s and industry key people and attending very interesting workshops and lectures. DANA presence … Continue reading

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WSO2 Stratos as a cloud platform

The RAISME platform will be an open source platform and form the basis of an open-source community consisting of individuals, teams and organizations working to build a world-class and innovative open source mash-up platform that allow users to integrate services … Continue reading

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Improving network utilization in cloud computing environments

Cloud computing  relies on the network as an elementary service. An increasing number of distributed computing applications pose highly-demanding requirements for dynamicity and flexibility in network and computing resource control (e.g. automated scaling up/down). However, network services are still treated … Continue reading

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OpenNaaS will use NDL to describe networks

Time has come for OpenNaaS to interact with networks. Users are willing to configure links and network protocols (e.g: RIP, OSPF) using a network approach, so network support should be added to OpenNaaS. Within this context, a question has raised … Continue reading

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On keywords related to Cloud, services and virtualisation

These days, a number of keywords flood our lives as techies: Cloud computing, anything as a Service (*aaS), virtualisation, … . The whole world seems to be embraced by these buzz words but, what happens when our daily work relies … Continue reading

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The SaaS expansion

Traditionally, companies that have a need for certain kind of software application went to software vendors in order to purchase an application that had to be installed and configured by employees. Some company’s may have budgets constraints that don’t allow … Continue reading

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Mantychore requirements analysis report

As a result of the Requirements Analysis phase of the Mantychore project the deliverable 4.1,  Requirements analysis report, has just been released. This deliverable explains the user requirements of each of the project participants, specified in terms of use cases … Continue reading

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Mantychore FP7: IP Networks as a Service

This text has been submited as Extended Abstract at TERENA 2010. You can visit the project website here, and join our public mailing list here. Current National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in Europe provide connectivity services to their main … Continue reading

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