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OpenNaaS vCPE application

The OpenNaaS development team is proud to announce the OpenNaaS vCPE application. With it, a network administrator can create multiple vCPEs on top of an existing physical infrastructure, based on templates. Although still in beta phase, you’re encouraged to download … Continue reading

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Job submission to Grid Computing systems

During the last years, the discussion about Grid and Cloud Computing has become very common. It’s very easy to find a paper or an article analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of using one of both choices. This blog post will … Continue reading

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OFELIA Control Framework in its way towards a development community

OFELIA Control Framework was originally born to manage OFELIA FP7 facility. Today the main directions and decisions over the development of the software are still very OFELIA driven, since it is the creator and major contributor. Nevertheless, the design of … Continue reading

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Application discovery in RINA networks

While in the current Internet architecture two applications that are able to discover each other are always assumed to be accessible through the same layer, this is not the case in the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) networks. Although for two … Continue reading

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WSO2 Stratos as a cloud platform

The RAISME platform will be an open source platform and form the basis of an open-source community consisting of individuals, teams and organizations working to build a world-class and innovative open source mash-up platform that allow users to integrate services … Continue reading

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First weeks since OFELIA Facility become operational

For several weeks now, OFELIA facility has been placed at disposal of researchers. The usage of the OFELIA facility is provided “as is” as a free-of-charge best-effort service. Any user accepting the usage policy is welcome to experiment on the … Continue reading

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Developing distributed applications using RINA

The sockets API [1] provides the basic building block for developing today’s distributed applications. Sockets have a number of shortcomings, mainly due to the characteristics of the networks that provide the transport services offered through the sockets API: Applications using … Continue reading

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