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i2CAT conferences about Future Internet in RedCLARA

Last July 31st, i2CAT participated in the 1st “Dia Virtual: La Internet del Futuro“(Virtual Day: the Future Internet), an online webinar where several presenters from different universities and institutions from Latin America present and discuss about the Future Internet. The … Continue reading

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A Multi-tenancy model based on resource capabilities and ownership…

When you think in current telecom markets, network operators appear as entities that are focused on providing and selling network services on top of the physical infrastructures they own, deploy, control and manage. You, as a consumer, have no control … Continue reading

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Demoing the Logical Infrastructure Composition Layer at FuNeMS’12

The very first and successful demonstration of the Logical Infrastructure Composition Layer was done at the Future Network and Mobile Summit 2012 (Berlin, Germany, july 4th-6th). In this demo we showed how to build a Virtual Infrastructure (VI) out of … Continue reading

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pyPElib: a python Policy Engine library

Policy management is one of the features a lot of applications need to care of and implement. Policy management and enforcement is indeed of particular interest in applications which offer fully automated IT services (IaaS, SaaS..). Provisioning, service instantiation or … Continue reading

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On Network Management and Virtualisation

Traditionally, network management has been developed around three main tasks: node management, node control (or configuration) and node monitoring. In a conceptual plane, this approach is still valid, but is clearly limited in scope: the bounded network domain (or simply … Continue reading

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On keywords related to Cloud, services and virtualisation

These days, a number of keywords flood our lives as techies: Cloud computing, anything as a Service (*aaS), virtualisation, … . The whole world seems to be embraced by these buzz words but, what happens when our daily work relies … Continue reading

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GEYSERS General Assembly Meeting

The General Assembly meeting of the GEYSERS project was celebrated last November, 16th to 18h, in the SAP offices in Zürich, Switzerland. Over 30 participants from 15 different partners attended, which created a rich and heterogeneous environment for carrying out … Continue reading

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