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How can a look back get us closer to the future

In his paper “Timer-Based Mechanisms in Reliable Transport Protocol Connection Management,” published in 1981, Richard Watson provides a fundamental theory for achieving reliable transport connection management. But what is connection management about? Transport protocols designed for reliable transmission provide one … Continue reading

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Remaking the Internet report by Richard Bennett

Last August Richard Bennett published a report entitled “Remaking the Internet, taking network architecture to the next level“. In the report the author proposes a plan to transition to a new Internet, taking advantadge of some of the latest developments … Continue reading

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Bounding the router table size in an ISP network using RINA

Few days ago we were pleased to learn that another paper on the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) was accepted. The paper titled “Bounding the router table size in an ISP network using RINA” and co-authored by J. Day, E. Grasa, … Continue reading

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RINA: redefining the network fundamentals

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about the Internet limitations, redesigning the Internet, clean slate approaches vs. evolutionary ones, and a lot of money in research funding is being allocated to the topic. The current Internet architecture is based … Continue reading

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