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SFA interface available for FEDERICA

As it has been introduced in previous posts, one of the main objectives of NOVI project is to demonstrate the federation mechanisms using them over FEDERICA and PlanetLab platforms. With this proposal and due to other sensible reasons, it was … Continue reading

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OpenLab Federation Workshop

On February 1st to 3rd an OpenLab workshop was held in Paris. The workshop though, was open and people from other projects were invited. The main topic of the meeting was “Federation Architecture and Tools”. As reader may already know, … Continue reading

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Improving network utilization in cloud computing environments

Cloud computing  relies on the network as an elementary service. An increasing number of distributed computing applications pose highly-demanding requirements for dynamicity and flexibility in network and computing resource control (e.g. automated scaling up/down). However, network services are still treated … Continue reading

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SFA for FEDERICA within the NOVI project

FEDERICA project was an experimental network infrastructure for trialing new networking technologies. Despite it ended in March 2011, most of the partners taking part in this project want to keep alive the spirit of the project and that’s why they … Continue reading

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NOVI project goes on: Second F2F Meeting in Brussels

The second NOVI Face to Face Meeting took place on April 28th and 29th. It was kindly organized by Graca Carvalho (Cisco) and hosted at Cisco installations in Brussels. Up to 29 attendants representing all NOVI partners participated in the … Continue reading

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NOVI D2.1, D3.1 and D3.2 deliverables coming public

Writing, reading, sending mails, meeting in Video Conferences, writing again and start over have been very common actions in WP2 and WP3 of the EC FP7 NOVI project these weeks. But finally, after the hard work of all partners involved, … Continue reading

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