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Exploring the Inter-DIF Directory of the RINA within IRATI

The exploration of the Inter-DIF Directory (IDD) and the development of a framework that surrounds all the architectural approaches for this RINA component is one of the objectives of the IRATI project. But apart from that it is the topic … Continue reading

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Application discovery in RINA networks

While in the current Internet architecture two applications that are able to discover each other are always assumed to be accessible through the same layer, this is not the case in the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) networks. Although for two … Continue reading

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Remaking the Internet report by Richard Bennett

Last August Richard Bennett published a report entitled “Remaking the Internet, taking network architecture to the next level“. In the report the author proposes a plan to transition to a new Internet, taking advantadge of some of the latest developments … Continue reading

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Ready to go IPv6? Think again!

The last years there has been a lot of discussion around IPv6 and the migration to it from IPv4. Since 1994, when IETF gave a clear direction for IPv6, we have been pushed to upgrade to the next generation Internet … Continue reading

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