The successful BonFIRE first OpenCall

BonFIRE facility has been opened to incorporate experiments into the project. The possibility to run experiments funded by BonFIRE consortium was advertised through an Open Call. A group of external evaluators selected from the amount of candidates, the five proposals that fulfilled better the scope of the Open Call.

BonFIRE infrastructure

The five selected partners for running experiments on top of BonFIRE are: CESGA, RedZinc, Manchester 1824, Cloudium Systems and CETIC. From September, they are performing the set of activities they have detailed in their proposals during the lifetime of one year.

The interest is twofold. From one side, external parties get to run experiments on top of the multi-cloud BonFIRE infrastructure to perform their research activities and obtain a profit for their organizations. From the other side, BonFIRE receives feedback from real experimenters using the BonFIRE service performance and usefulness. This feedback is a valuable and rich input to influence the implementation of new functionalities of BonFIRE software for the next releases and in to get ideas for the future sustainability of the facility.

At this moment, they consumed approximately the half of the year of their experimentation, and they have already provided BonFIRE architects with a great amount of useful feedback. A clear result of their feedback importance is that BonFIRE decided to release 2.1 version (which was not planned) to address the key missing functionalities. These functionalities are the support for groups, support for user quota, support for shared storage and improved logging functionality. It was also planned to support usage statistics, with due the lack of time it will be included in the following release.

A second Open Call round is ongoing currently. We have collected a set of proposals and the external evaluators are choosing the ones that will be funded. In this second Open Call we are looking for three experiments (focused if possible in network controlled aspects which is the brand new functionality to provide in release 3) and one cloud provider.

Hopefully this second Open Call round will be as much productive as the first one from the experimenters and BonFIRE point of view!

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